Potter Interiors Installation - Aluminium Walls and Partitions

Impel Interiors are proud installers of aluminium partitions using Potter Interior Systems’ office partitioning systems, including Rondo steel stud and track, plus Tracklok/Gridlok seismic bracing.

Potter Interior Systems is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of office aluminium partitions for commercial buildings. This means, Impel Interiors is able to offer our clients a full range of configurations and design options for complete aluminium partition systems for offices, retail and commercial aluminium partition installations.

Potters Partitioning System types
Installation of Potters Interior systems office partitions

What Types of Office Partitions are Available?

We specialise in office partitions for commercial buildings throughout greater Auckland. Using Potter Interior Systems means we are able to offer a range of options dependant on site requirements and budget.
These include:

Potters A Series 105 and 132 Aluminium Partition Systems
With profiles of 105mm x 15mm or 105mm x 50mm, and 132mm x 25mm or 132mm x 50mm respectively, these office partition systems can accommodate glass thicknesses between 6mm and 12.38mm, and door thicknesses between 38mm and 50mm.

Potters C Series 45 Aluminium Partition System
An ideal office partition system for when budget is a factor this system has a standard glazing profile of 45mm wide x 25mm high and can accommodate glass thicknesses between 6mm and 12.38mm, and door thicknesses between 38mm and 50mm.

DS Series Doors and Sliders
A range of doors and sliders designed to fit with Potter aluminium systems; bringing style and privacy to your office.

Bespoke + Custom Partitions
Potter Interior Systems enables us to develop custom aluminium profiles for unique designs. If you have a unique design challenge that requires a new take on aluminium partitioning, or designed especially for an individual project, contact us.

Tracklok ® and Gridlok ® Seismic Bracing
Those involved in the interior fit-out industry know how difficult it has been to comply with building code requirements and ceiling manufacturers’ warranties, especially in relation to seismically securing under ceiling partition walls and glazing lines to slabs above.

Potter Interior Systems’ seismic bracing complies with building code requirements and ceiling manufacturers’ warranties. With extensive testing and peer reviewed results, in conjunction with material testing, users of Potter’s seismic bracing can be confident that their internal fit-outs are structurally and seismically secure.

The Declare Label

All Potter Aluminium Systems partition suites carry the Declare label.

What is the Declare Label?
In the goal of being transparent regarding the environmental sustainability of a product, a Declare label answers three questions:

  • Where does a product come from?
  • What is it made of?
  • Where does it go at the end of its life?

In the case of Potter Aluminium Partition Systems, the label reads:

Final Assembly: New Zealand. Life Expectancy: 50+ years.

End of Life Options: 100% Reusable/Recyclable.

Installers of Potters Interior Partitions